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Common mistakes to avoid when it comes to designing promotional merchandise

Common mistakes to avoid when it comes to designing promotional merchandise

We all know that promotional products are a fantastic way of boosting brand recognition and keeping your business fresh in the mind of recurring customers. However, when it comes to purchasing promotional merchandise, many businesses fall into a few basic traps which reduce the effectiveness of their marketing giveaway. So, no matter what your next promotional idea is, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid.

1. Poorly contrasted colours

Think critically about how your brand will look on the final product. If the colours clash then don’t make the purchase. It will appear to be of poor quality and turn out as something that the customer won’t realistically want to use on a day-to-day basis. Instead, stick to colour schemes that complement the look of your logo and which will look professional once completed.

2. Not thinking of size

Depending on the message you want to get across, consider the size of the item you are purchasing. It’s not worth ordering 1,000 pens with your logo and slogan on them if it’s not going to fit and look clean and tidy once finished. Be realistic, and if that means purchasing a slightly larger product to giveaway, then any added expense may likely be well worth it.

3. Printing things you don’t own

This point means considering who owns the copyrights for any illustrations or logos you wish to print. Printing copyrighted files is highly illegal and the company who owns the rights are able to sue both you and the printing company responsible for the work.

4. Trying to say too much

With promotional products, those receiving them don’t want you shoving your message and your sales script down their throats. Instead, anything you add to the product should be subtle and well thought out. The product will simply serve as a reminder of your services, rather than of an attempt to turn them into a paying customer.

5. Not thinking about the printing process

When logos and text are printed onto promotional items, you need to consider whether or not the logo is likely to bleed slightly or whether your logo is possibly too intricate. It may be better to use a slightly more simplified version of your logo to cope with the printing process.

Ultimately, the quality of the products you receive through will depend on the service you receive from the printing company you choose. Budget printers may simply take your order as it is and fail to pick up on any potential flaws. Instead, working with a trusted and established promotional merchandising firm will leave you with a much better final product and a better return on your marketing budget. If you need any help with your next promotional giveaway and would like some suggestions, then please feel free to get in contact with us, where our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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