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All Kinds of Promotional Bags – Tote Bags, Beach Bags, and Many More

Bags are one of the most useful promotional gifts that businesses can give out to people. At Calver, we offer a wide variety of promotional bags in a multitude of sizes, colours, and styles. Everything from tote bags and beach bags to messenger bags and multifunction bags. From carrier bags and shopper bags to wine bags and Jute bags.

Whoever your ideal customer is, we have a bag to suit their needs.

Why Give Away Promotional Bags?

Bags are eminently useful. That means that they’re less likely to be thrown away or hidden in someone’s desk drawer or cupboard. Instead, you can expect recipients to take their bag out and use it. You will not only continue to remind them of your business, but there is a greater chance that others will see it as well.

Bags offer plenty of advertising space.

Compared to many other types of promotional items, bags have a surplus of prominent space to place your name or logo. You can make it big. You can make it colourful. And you can be assured that people will see it.

Bags last.

Our promotional bags are made from high-quality materials. The recipients can continue using them – and you can continue benefitting from brand exposure – for years to come.

Bags help you target a specific audience.

While many bags we offer can be used in a wide variety of places, a number are intended for specific uses. Want to reach people into fitness? A holdall or rucksack may be appropriate. Targeting wine drinkers? Opt for wine bags. Attempting to reach women? Go for cosmetic bags.

Not Just Promotional Bags – Calver Promotional Bags

At Calver, we’ve been providing superb promotional merchandise to businesses large and small for over 20 years. When we say that our promotional bags are of the highest quality, it’s a claim that comes out of experience and more than a little trial and error.

We also work with the best printing professionals and can accommodate all of your design needs. Want a screen print of your logo? No problem. A transfer print so you can include multiple colours? We have you covered. Embroidery? We can do that, too.

So go ahead. Take a look at our extensive bag offerings and see if we have what you’re looking for.

Don’t see it? Get in touch. We specialize in bespoke merchandise. If what you desire isn’t one of our standard offerings, we’ll find or make it for you.



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