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Branded Power Banks & Custom Portable Chargers for Marketing

Promotional gadgets, such as custom power banks, are popular with consumers. In fact, 46% prefer promotional items associated with digital communication, according to PPAI. Promo power banks are particularly well-liked due to their high perceived value and practicality. A promotional power bank is a portable device that you charge at home or the office. And then you can carry it around with you as a back-up power device. If your battery runs low, you don’t need an outlet. You can just plug the device into your branded power bank to recharge. Custom portable chargers have many potential benefits. Here are just a few.

Printed power banks are great for events.
Personalised power banks are particularly useful for customers who are traveling at tradeshows, conventions, and other events. Your company’s custom portable charger just might save the day for a recipient whose battery is running low!

Branded power banks are popular with the younger generation.
If you are targeting younger consumers, then a custom power bank is an excellent option. Today’s young people are always connected, so having a backup power source is something they value.

Personalised power banks can power multiple devices.
The larger the battery size, the more times the device can be used. If your target audience is highly tech savvy, they will appreciate the ability to be able to charge multiple devices from a single power bank. We have power banks with a battery size as large as 20,000mAh capacity.

Custom portable chargers offer many options for branding.
You can use laser engraving on a promotional power bank for discrete and tasteful advertising. Or you can ensure your brand stands out with full-colour printing on the power bank itself or an attached label.

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Get Guidance in Designing Your Company’s Custom Power Bank

With two decades of experience in promotional product marketing, the Calver team can help guide you through the process of designing your company’s customer power bank. The right printing and engraving option for you will depend on your budget, colours, fonts, and logos. We’ll help you analyse the various power bank choices to select the best one for your marketing objective, so you are sure to be satisfied with the final result.



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