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Custom Backpacks for Businesses, Sports, Events, and More

It’s not hard to figure out why custom backpacks are popular promotional items. They are stylish and useful, and they make an impact wherever your employees or customers go. Here are just a few of the top reasons printed backpacks are selected for promotional campaigns.

Printed backpacks are used frequently
Many people carry a personalised rucksack on their day-to-day commute. It’s where they carry everything they need for the day – from work and school to the gym and home. When they are using your business rucksack, that means your brand is being seen everywhere they go.

Personalised backpacks appeal to a wide demographic
If you are targeting a broad audience, it can be hard to find a promotional item that appeals to everyone, but there are few items that accomplish this better than promotional rucksacks. Everyone from teens to seniors can find a use for promotional backpacks – and that’s true whether they are a student, homemaker, businessperson, or sports enthusiast.


Custom-made backpacks provide a large branding area
Your brand will be showcased in a big way on a custom book bag. Not only are corporate backpacks themselves fairly large items, but your backpack logo will also definitely be seen since they provide such a large canvas to display your promotional message.

Custom backpacks are appealing to sports enthusiasts
Golf backpacks, gym backpacks, football backpacks, and more – there are so many sports that require its participants to carry around clothing and equipment. Your promotional backpack will be associated with the joy of playing the sport.

Calver Can Help You Design the Right Printed Backpack for Your Project

The Calver team has over two decades of experience guiding our customers through the process of designing a promotional product. For personalised rucksacks and corporate backpacks, you have so many options available to you. There are a wide range of sizes, materials, and styles. On top of that, you can find a myriad of useful features – wheels to pull the custom-made backpack around, padding for safe storage or tablet storage, special pockets for pens and pencils, and even special holders for water bottles. Let us guide you through the process, making it as enjoyable and simple as possible. We’ll help ensure you develop the promotional backpack you envisioned within your marketing budget.



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