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Eco-friendly Promotional Products

When choosing promotional products, there are all kinds of things to consider, from the cost and item type to what people will find useful and keep around.

One big thing that more and more businesses are considering, though, is whether their promotional products are eco-friendly or meet fair trade standards. You can think of them as “corporate gifts that give back”.

Why might you want to use these types of items?

  1. Eco-friendly and fair trade items help brand your company as social conscious with a desire to protect the environment.
  2. Eco-friendly and fair trade products are incredibly popular. When people use them, they get to feel good about themselves – a good feeling that will be associated with your name.
  3. You will be doing something good for the world and society by avoiding using more resources and supporting developing countries.

What kinds of fair trade and eco-friendly promotional products are possible? At Calver, we can source pretty much anything you come up with, so the only limitation is your imagination.

Generally speaking, eco-friendly products fall into one of two categories: they are either made from recycled materials or from materials that are sustainable.

Fair trade is more about where a product comes from, with the goal of bolstering producers in developing countries.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Reusable bags. More and more people are opting to bring their own reusable bags to the store rather than using disposable ones. And as of October 2015, all large retailers in England are required to charge at least 5p for most single-use carrier bags, in an effort to encourage more people to bring reusable bags.Our online store has a wide variety – everything from shopping bags to tote bags to drawstring bags to fair trade bags. All of them come in a variety of colours and can be personalised with your logo or message.
  • Document wallets. Made from 100% recyclable material, this durable document wallet is perfect for anyone who wants to protect their important papers and pictures from getting damaged when they’re on the go. A large branding area for your company logo means that everyone will know who the wallet is from.
  • Fair trade fortune cookies. If you’ve done any research into the most popular promotional products, you already know that everyone loves getting free food. Take that one step further with these fair trade fortune cookies that let everyone know you are dedicated to being socially responsible.
  • Ballpens. Pens are one of the most used promotional items around. You never know when you’ll run into a situation where you have to jot something down. Because of this, promotional pens can be a great way to get your company’s name out there.The Bic Ecolutions Clic Ballpen will also share the message that your brand is environmental conscious. Most of us don’t really think of pens as particularly environmentally friendly, but this pen is made of 26% eco-friendly materials – materials that themselves are manufactured using renewable softwoods. You can also provide eco-friendly paper to accompany the pen with the Brite-Pad.
  • Calculators. Powered by the sun and encased in corn plastic, the Summa Pocket Calculator provides a lot of functionality in a product everyone can feel good about. There’s not as much branding space on these calculators as there is on many other items, but users will be staring at your logo every time they need to pull out their calculator to check something.’
  • Coasters. Recycled tyre coasters are great for automotive and transport-related promotions but have also proven to be popular in most other industries. Providing a generous advertising space, coasters make an ideal, lightweight mailing product as a ‘thank you’ for an order or a reminder of your event and contact details.
  • Plantable pencil. Perhaps the most interesting product on this list, the Grow Your Own Sprout Pencil is exactly what it sounds like You use it like a regular pencil, then when you’re done, just plant it and add water to grow one of 12 different kinds of plants!

Remember, choosing sustainable products is, by itself, a way to brand your business and help you stand out from the competition. It’s the kind of positive brand awareness that most businesses strive for. Consumers will be more likely to view your company as socially responsible, forward-thinking, caring, and more.

Contact Calver today to discuss more eco-friendly and fair trade options available.

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